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Fast, Accurate,
& Scalable LiDAR Processing Platform

With easy access to live experts!

Instantly order professional deliverables with only one-click of a button.

1-Click Ordering 

We quality check your data to make sure it's captured and aligned correctly.

Professional Support

There's no project too large. Simply contact us for a custom order.

Custom Deliverables

Powerful features & tools for complete control

Become an expert at processing your data with our FREE online course, 'Mastering LiDAR Data Processing'

Learn How-To Master the Platform

Take the worry away with ROCK Pro Services

Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools designed to empower professionals with a seamless experience.

The features you need!

Generate a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and Contours allowing you to get accurate insight into the ground topography. Contour lines are delivered in the most popular formats so you can import into any CAD or GIS software. 

ROCK Surveyor

PLS-CADD (Power Line Systems - Computer Aided Design and Drafting) is an industry-leading software suite used for the design and analysis of transmission lines. ROCK's PLS-CADD deliverable streamlines the entire process, ensuring you receive the precise deliverables you require.


ROCK Planimetrics combines superior artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quality control to create highly accurate planimetric deliverables.

ROCK Planimetrics / Linework


Power-line corridor management is key to delivering safe and uninterrupted electricity. The ROCK Vegetation Management deliverable gives you the intelligence needed from your LiDAR point cloud.

ROCK Vegetation Management

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